Sunday, November 21, 2010


I have met Gunther Hauk of Spikenard Farm (try the link below for his 6 minute video) and believe in his way of beekeeping. His informational classes are excellent.  I have purchased his book and it is very informative for a beekeeper.  Spikenard Farm is a wonderful place to visit.

Mountain Song Inn has 3 bee hives, we serve our own organic honey at our four course breakfast.
If you are interested we will suit you up when you visit and give you a hive demonstration(must be done when the temperature is above 60 degrees). Several guest have done this and gone home to take classes from their local county bee associations and start bee hives themselves. The more people we get involved  with bees the better. The honey bee needs all the help we can give them, if we loose the honey bee we can't be sure that other pollinators can take up the slack. Education is very important, we must learn what we are doing wrong.

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