Monday, November 22, 2010


FLOYD - WSLS continues to feature the town and county of Floyd during our “Your Town” series this week.
Our next stop took us to Chateau Morrisette just off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Floyd County. Tuesday was a bottling day where we got to see the final step before those bottles of wine make it to your dinner table.
“It's the coming out of the wine. We've gone through a long drawn-out process of harvesting the grapes and making the wine,” said Dan TallmanDirector of Winemaking.
On days like this, workers bottle 4,000 gallons- that’s 2,000 cases of wine.
Owner, David Morrisette, knows what’s become a customer favorite.
"I guess the most popular one that we're most well-known for would be Our Dog Blue. It's a semi-sweet wine,” he said.
To make sure the wine tastes just right, the workers have a lot of responsibility.
"We make sure the wine is going into the bottle correctly so that we don't oxidize it- that it has the right vacuum. It’s a lot of technical stuff, but it's really important for the consumer,” Tallman said.
Morrisette said 2008 was a great year when the drought was a good thing for his wine. He still takes extra precautions for any other bad weather.
"We have approximately 250 acres of grapes. Some are at this location, but we also have some throughout the whole state so if there's bad weather- frost or freeze or a drought- we still have fruit,” he said.
Morrisette makes sure they have a variety of wines to satisfy each person’s taste buds.
"From the fine connoisseur to the one who really likes sweet wines, we have a different style for every person who walks through the door,” Morrisette said.
Tours are available. If you want to learn more about Chateau Morrisette, click here.

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