Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blogs on the Back Burner

For me blogs are very easy to put on the back burner, especially during the busy holidays.

 Floyd County and Mountain Song Inn tend to move into their lazy mode this time of the year, with to do list inturupted by wind, snow and cold. I can clean those carpets when the sun comes out, is an excuse I have been using on an almost daily basis in December, it's Spring cleaning anyway, isn't it.? But wait,
I need to be ready by Spring by the hoards of guest that will decend upon us...we hope.

At this time of year it's more fun to sit by the fire, have friends and family over for comfort food, bake cookies...and eat them. The carpets can at least wait until the New Year.

I would  like to take this quiet time to reflect on the delightful guest that have come through our door, to thank you so much for your business, wish you the best of 2011, with the hope you will return to us and bring new friends to share this wonderful place.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!!!

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