Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mountain Song Inn, A wonderful place to stay while cycling the Blue Ridge

I have never thought of bicycling the Blue Ridge Parkway, it isn't on my bucket list.
However word is out as you can see from the link below that many do think of it, and
have a plan for it. Our local association of bed and breakfasts has some bicycling
enthusiast and are working on a path  and map for cycling from one facility to another.
I will, put you up, feed you breakfast, even do a lunch to go, but don't expect me to go with you.
Enjoy the article below and come stay at Mountain Song Inn Bed and Breakfast when you bicycle the Parkway.
See you soon!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Calling all Virginia Tech Football Fans

The Fall schedule has been posted, now is the time to think about claiming you reservation at
Mountain Song Inn, for a great weekend of football and camaraderie, bring your friends along,
we have three room all with private baths. You can make your football weekend even more special by staying with us for 2 days, and combining the game with some of our other local activities. The is much to be seen in our area, and we are an easy, scenic, 30 minute drive to Tech.

2011 Virginia Tech Hokes Football Schedule
Sat. 09/03/11
Time TBA
Appalachian StateBuy
Sat. 09/10/11
Time TBA
at East CarolinaBuy
Sat. 09/17/11
Time TBA
Arkansas StateBuy
Sat. 09/24/11
Time TBA
at MarshallBuy
Sat. 10/01/11
Time TBA
Sat. 10/08/11
Time TBA
Miami (FL)Buy
Sat. 10/15/11
Time TBA
at Wake ForestBuy
Sat. 10/22/11
Time TBA
Boston CollegeBuy
Sat. 10/29/11
Time TBA
at DukeBuy
Sat. 11/05/11Open Date------
Thu. 11/10/11
8:00 p.m. ET
at Georgia TechBuy
Thu. 11/17/11
8:00 p.m. ET
North CarolinaBuy
Sat. 11/26/11
Time TBA
at VirginiaBuy
Sat. 12/03/11
Time TBA
ACC Championship 1Buy
1 at Charlotte, NC (Bank of America Stadium)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Calling all Virginia Tech Alumni

If Virginia Tech succeeds in bringing alumni back to Tech for events other than sports (see link to article below) Mountain Song Inn Bed and Breakfast would love to be a part of your visit.  We are only 30 minutes from VT and we could add an entire new dimension to your visit. Why stay downtown when
you can enjoy the view from our deck. This would truly enhance your return to this beautiful area and
make your family understand why you are drawn back.

If the fine wine doesn't get you to Blacksburg, remember we are here when it comes to those sporting events too.
View from the deck

Alumni lured back to Blacksburg with lecture series -

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Floyd Fandango Beer and WineFest

Region: Blue Ridge Highlands 
Locality: Patrick County

Mile Post 170.5 Blue Ridge Parkway
Meadows of Dan, VA 24120

Born of a melding between the 5th annual Wine Down the Music Trail wine festival and the unique and popular Floyd Fandango Faire and Brew, this summer's July 4th event weaves all your favorite elements - wine tasting, beer sampling, fabulous music and mountain camping, together for one of the most exciting festival experiences you'll have all summer! 

Saturday, July 02, 2011 (11:00 AM-9:00 PM)
Sunday, July 03, 2011 (10:00 AM-7:00 PM)

Admission Fee: $

Across The Way Productions: (540) 745-3378

Golden Eagle Realeased on the Blue Ridge Parkway

By most counts North America only has about 1000 to 2000 Golden Eagles and the Blue Ridge Parkway has it's own favorite these days. An eagle was found caught in trap in January, and taken  to the Wildlife Center of Virginia for healing and rehabilitation.
Little is known of the Golden Eagle population east of the Mississippi River, though rare we now know they are here. This eagle sports a GPS system so he can be tracked.

Birding is a popular pastime all along the Blue Ridge Parkway and in Floyd County. Mountain Song Inn's property is home to over 20 species, you have to look for them a little harder in the Spring, Summer and Fall, because we stopped feeding them when a brown bear came looking for seed.
For more information on our parkway eagle checkout this link:

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Trout fishing predicted to be good in 2011

Predictions for Trout Fishing in Va in 2011

Considering the number of trout in our streams in the Appalachian and Blue Ridge Mountains, the quality of the streams, and the density of the aquatic insects in the streams, I expect our trout fishing to be outstanding in 2011. There are presently great numbers of Isoperla stoneflies and Ephemerella dorothea mayflies in our stream which should assure good hatches through June.
The snows we are already getting will help assure excellent trout fishing in the upper headwaters of our mountain streams. Take advantage of this great action from mid March until June by driving into the heads of these streams on the National Forest Roads, Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive. Park at the trail heads I discuss in my books, Virginia Blue Ribbon Streams and Trout Fishing in the Shenandoah National Park. Hike down the trails then fish back up the mountain. This was some of our finest fishing in 2010.
By July be willing to switch over to the terrestrial flies that match the naturals the trout are feeding on. For the past several years our most productive terrestrial patterns have been Ed Shenk’s Cricket, Mr. Rapidan Ant and Murray’s Flying Beetle and I strongly suspect these will be outstanding in 2011.
At the end of the next issue which will cover my predictions for the smallmouth fishing for 2011 I will list the 3 ways you can keep up with the timely fishing conditions for both trout and bass each week.
If you would like to attend one of our “On The Stream Trout Schools” we will be conducting 4 separate 2 day schools this year.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Wine to debut at Chateau Morrisette

Stay at Mountain Song Inn when you come to
Chateau Morriestte.

Review: Chateau Morrisette’s Rose Chambourcin
Tuesday, February, 1, 2011; 10:30 PM | 0 | ShareThis | Print
Chateau Morrisette’s newest wine, Rose Chambourcin, is not yet available for purchase, but when it is, I know I’ll be one of the first in line to get a bottle of my own.
Rose Chambourcin falls under the category of a Rose.
It is a wine made from red grapes but bled off within the first few hours of fermentation, giving it a beautiful pink color and light flavor.
When first smelling the wine, it has quite a sweet aroma, reminiscent of another Chateau Morrisette wine, Sweet Mountain
This new edition hits your mouth with a punch of dry fruitiness, ringing with notes of
grapefruit and a bit of strawberry.
But unlike most reds, the flavor seems to dissipate after a sip, without leaving a harsh aftertaste.
Although Rose Chambourcin is fruit-forward, there is still some acidity behind it, which is common in many reds.
This is the perfect choice for someone who likes the dry acidity of red wine but is looking for a slightly fruiter beverage.