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This is a freelance article sent in by site reader Sally Walker

Great Things to do from Mountain Song Inn
The Mountain Song Inn provides everything you’d need to enjoy a thoroughly relaxing stay in the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Here, you can listen to the blissful tune of the surrounding birds and wildlife, go on long walks through the woods, get into a good book in our very own library, or just sit and relax on the porch and watch the whole world go by. It is, in short, the perfect place to get away from the fast paced hum drum of the modern world and give your soul a deep cleanse.
However, while being at the Inn is great, there’s a whole world of amazing excursions and sights just a short drive away from your room and we’d be outright inconsiderate guests if we didn’t share some of them with you. With that said, sit back and read through some of the exciting days out that await your stay at Mountain Song Inn and how you can them a reality.
Before you Come
The excursions from Mountain Song Inn are memorable, but they don’t just happen. For starters, you’ll need a car to reach all of the destinations on our list; we are a rural B&B and, as such, there is no public transport from our property (being away from it all is kind of what we’re all about!). This means you’ll need to bring your vehicle or rent one from a nearby city. It’s also recommended that you purchase travel insurance to protect yourself against unexpected accidents or injuries, as the types of activity you’ll be enjoying here can lead to injuries, especially out in the wilderness. Also remember to pack carefully – if you’re coming during our mild winters, pack a sweater and some warm clothes, if you’re coming in the warm summers, pack sun lotion.
Jefferson National Forest
When paired with the adjacent George Washington National Forest, Jefferson National Forest is one of eastern USA’s largest areas of public land. Roughly one hour away from Mountain Song Inn by car, the forest permits just about every type of outdoor recreational activity you could want: you can spend hours hiking or mountain biking amongst the majestic forests, fish, or spend your time snapping photographs of the natural habitat.
The town of Blacksburg, home to Virginia Tech University, is just over 45 minutes away in the car. As a major college town, there are plenty of things to do and it’s well worth a visit if you’re staying with us for a few days. All visitors should visit the college campus to see the beauty of the buildings and to feel the energy of university life. See the listings at The Lyric Theatre to see if any shows are on, as they’re inexpensive and always have a great atmosphere. If visiting in the fall, you must coincide your visit to Blacksburg with a football game at Lane Stadium – you will not regret it.
The beautiful city of Roanoke is just over an hour away. With 300,000 people, Roanoke is the place to visit when you’re ready to mingle with the people again after a peaceful stay at Mountain Song Inn. There are a number of art galleries and museums in Roanoke to check out, as well as “The Center in the Square”, a hub for the city’s cultural life. Finally, make sure you check out the star on Mill Mountain; it’s how Roanoke earned its nickname, “Star City”.
Floyd County
Of course, many of the best attractions in the area are located right on your doorstep, in Floyd County, where Mountain Song Inn is located. The list of things to do go on and on, but some of the highlights include Mabry Mill, a traditional mill which provides one of the most scenic and photographic views in all America; a large number of galleries and stores, including the “16 Hands” festival, which is held semi-annually and brings the artistic community to the fore; Jacksonville Center, a rural creatvitiy grab-em-all, with plenty of art, music, dance, and crafts on display; and two wineries, Chateau Morisette and Villa Appalaccia.
That’s just a sample of all the great goings-on in Floyd County and the nearby areas. The rest you’ll have to discover for yourself! We’ll see you soon.

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