Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Spring is always a special time at Mountain Song, we go from drab brown grass and skeleton trees, to blooming daffodils, greening grass....then wham, a snowstorm. That's what happened last week; this week has brought more greening, forsythia starting to bloom and swelling buds on the Bradford pears, and redbuds. And to think, just fifty miles away in Roanoke everything is popping, what a difference 3000 feet of altitude can make.

The spring wakeup in the mountains is different every year. Last year an April hard frost took out a lot of the local peach and apple crop, let's hope it doesn't happen again.   We have many micro climates in Floyd County, it is so interesting to watch a valley get frost and a mountain top nothing...wouldn't you think it would be the other way around...not always.

We are not as green yet as my posted pictures, but you haven't made your reservation yet either, so  it should be by the time you get here. Come see us soon, the magic of Mountain Song Inn awaits you.
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